Prizes and awards

1996: First prize, 7th Haverhill Sinfonia Soloist Competition

1996: Tutor's Prize, Kent Music School Summer Course for Advanced Pianists

1996: Semi-finalist, Robert William and Florence Amy Brant Pianoforte Competition

1996: Sterndale Bennett Prize, Royal Academy of Music, London

1996: Highly Commended, Christian Carpenter Prize, Royal Academy of Music, London

1995: Semi-finalist, Dudley International Piano Competition

1995: Highly Commended, Brahms Competition, Royal Academy of Music, London

Brahms, Sonata No 1.

1992: Fourth prize, Dorothy A. Anderson International Piano Competition, Seattle, USA

1991: First prize, Joong-Ang Piano Competition

This competition is sponsored by Joong-Ang daily newspaper (the third biggest in South Korea with a circulation of over two million copies). See review.

1985: First prize, Eum-Ak Chun Chu Piano Competition.

The competition is sponsored by one Eum-Ak Chun Chu Magazine, one of the leading classical music magazines in South Korea. Art Hall, Seoul. See review.

1982: Second prize, Korean Daily Newspaper Piano Competition

1980: First prize, Korean Music Association Piano Competition

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