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[New!]1 July 1998: www-piano-net is one year old.

31 April 1998: 5,000 visitors to the front page. Other pages are increasingly being referenced directly - particularly composers and piano competitions.

17 February 1998: www.piano-net welcomes its 4,000th visitor. This is the number of visitors calculated by the counter on the home page. The actual number of visitors is about 25% higher, as visitors do not necessarily enter the site through the home page.

16 February 1998: Hardware faults have caused our server to be unavailable for nearly 80 hours in the last week. This has now been fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

11 February 1998: CD now available from www.gigmasters.comPurchase now!.

29 December 1997: The old site, www.piano.u-net.com, has been closed.

2 November 1997: www.piano-net welcomes its 2000th visitor.

1 November 1997: Guestbook available in Korean and English.

28 October 1997: More than three hours of high-quality sound on-line in NetShow 2.0, Realaudio 3.0 and MPEG 3 formats.

6 October 1997: Some sound clips now available in NetShow 2.0 format; see Schumann page.

29 September 1997: We have moved. All the sound clips should now work. See the tools page for help.

23 September 1997: We are moving again! Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to get the sound working properly on an NT server. Nothing works for Netscape users, and some clips don't work for Explorer users. We are moving to a Unix server within the next week or so. We've tested it and everything will work once we've moved.

13 September 1997: Site moved to www.piano-net.com. The new NT-based server allows us to add new features such as a site search (see tools page).

1 September 1997: MPEG 3 streaming sound. Listen to original recordings of Schumann's Carnaval, Beethoven, Liszt and Bach. Currently there are problems with sound for Netscape Navigator users; these will be sorted out by the end of September.

18 August 1997: Improved navigation bar with icons.

4 July 1997: Background MIDI sound for Internet Explorer users.

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